Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot

Back to 2017, when I was in university, I went to an English club near home, just purely out of curiosity. I went there, and I met Trà Tươi. He talked to me for a while and then he persuaded me to join into the speaker gang. I didn’t really remember what he said exactly, but he said sth like “The club needs a water element, and I am that water element. The way I talk and who I am, is just like a stream of river, gentle but never stops.”

Back then I was always doubtful about myself, I always felt mentally drained, lost and anxious. Later on I found out I’m one of those hypersensitive people. But thanks to that compliment of Trà Tươi, I started to feel like “Hell yeah I can be water, because everyone around me looks pretty much like fire”. I felt confident of who I am and embraced myself everyday since that day. I joined into that English club, put off my introvert label at home, speaking to many kinds of people, different ages, different jobs, different attitudes to life, different perspective,.. And that experience too, actually helped me to embrace who I am.

Huh what a lovely world.

21 year old me doing a talk show – nervous and scared af but I did it anyways.


Thank you for reading. If you love this, you can ask a friend to join into this writing challenge with you. I promise that it would be a deep, meaningful and exciting journey of self discovery.

Love you ♡

Vi Bunny


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