List 10 things that make you really happy

1. My bear ʕ•ﻌ•ʔฅ – I know this starts to sound cheesy but he really knows how to make me happy: slow dance, lame stories, bath tub, the beach, pinky stuff. I didn’t really buy into those soul mate things before I met him, but it does actually exist, and I hope you find your the one too, someone who deserves you bé iu.

2. Cute things – I figured you knew that already lol. And I love to fill my room with cute stuff, it makes me feel really comfy.

Name the cute stuff here (*゚ヮ゚*)

3. Lofi music – I love it hella damn lot, listening to lofi music makes me feel cute and happy.

4. Meditation and yoga – most of the time, when I rush into work too fast, I feel like I’m overwhelmed, scared and avoid to deal with the most important problems. Then I go to mediation. It clears my mind, and when my mind is empty with thoughts, I feel like nothing really matters anymore – stress, work, people, problems. And so I stop worrying about them, instead trying to find the solution and deal with them.

5. Myself being brave – I hate that when I’m growing up, I start to mind other people opinions too damn much, it’s inevitable as we conform into group behaviors as an instinct. But I try to stay sane, every day, do the things that I truly love and make me grow.

6. American sitcoms – HIMYM, New girl, Big bang theory, and now Brooklyn 99 – I love that people in sitcoms live the life in a very spontaneous way. They don’t think twice like people in real life do, they say what they really mean and just step into the unpredictable future with a dumb and fearless attitude of life. I wish I could do that sometimes and then I remember I’m in Vietnam, the mother nation of judgements =)) So what’s the harm of imagining that life through sitcoms.

HIMYM – Lily the wiser

7. My dog – She’s the sweetest and I’m so happy to have her in my life, she can sense when I’m sad and will try to jump into my lap to soothe me. I’m not kidding, she’s really damn smart.

Bubu the cutest

8. Books – Reading is like talking to someone, but this talk is like the kind of a really deep conversation. It helps me reflecting the events in my life also.

My Ice Bear built me my dream bookshelf

9. Languages – literally open so many doors for me. When speaking that language, I’m able to immerse in that culture, laugh at their jokes, feel more comfortable to do some certain kinds of behaviors that I wouldn’t actually do in my country. English actually saves me from being lonely, it helps me find my people (people that have the same minds as me), my community and it encourages me to be true to myself.

Korean sentence structure is quite tricky but let’s stay calm and carry on lol~

10. Psychology and behavioral science – this sounds nerdy but reading these things help me understand how my mind really works, how I behave and generally help me to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

* This challenge makes me happy too, thank you bé Ngọc iu for asking me to join this challenge.


Thank you for reading. If you love this, you can ask a friend to join into this writing challenge with you. I promise that it would be a deep, meaningful and exciting journey of self discovery. 

Love you ♡

Vi Bunny

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