2020 – Half year’s reflection on working

Hi, bunny’s here!

Yeah, it’s a rough year, for me and everyone else. But I guess people have to go though a couple bits of life to figure out what we actually really want to achieve and to avoid.

I think I will write all of my tangling thoughts down here:

1.  I think working full time is so burnt-out. I sometimes have a little side project to fuel my energy up. But felt like, I’m too tired for those. And then other things happened – people telling you what to do, putting their own beliefs on us, without knowing what actual consequences can be left on us.

2.  I know my parents aren’t trying to do bad things for me. But before I can said no to those Asian responsibilities, I have to have my “own things”. And then I can ask for forgiveness, not permisssion.

3.  Therefore, I have to create my own system. Don’t step on the old track anymore. Because you think you only settle for a second, that’s when you settle for life.

4.  I have to learn to create different passsive income sources. So spend a little of everyday to learn what I can do differently.

I love you Bunny, so please take care of yourself <3


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