Update half first year of 2018 – lots of love and changes

Yo long
time no see Bunnie :”> I’ve been away for too long I know, hmm, because I’ve
been busy, okay? Just take that and no more suspicion :>

Okay okay,
so we have got to the second half of the year of 2018. Honestly, I’ve been through a lot of
shit mainly created by ME, yeah ME. And from that, I’ve realized lots of
different things, thoughts, perspectives that just slapped me to the face,
yeahh. So let’s start listing cuz I’m stupid at recalling things in order of
importance =))


1. “The power of vulnerability”

just watched the video of “The power of vulnerability” of Anna Akana, and
that enlightened me. I was like wow, that’s so damn true. So basically, it
has many insights, but the author focused on the insight about PLAY.

”The author stresses the importance of Creative
Play to lead the life of joy, she states that unhonest creativily doesn’t actually
go anywhere. Instead, if you’re not utilizing your creative self, it manifests
itself as stress, judgment, anxiety, and so much more. We all know someone who totally
looks down on any kind of hobby or creative endeavor and they are all just kind
of bitter, and this is why, because they’re not being creative so all this repressed
energy is just making them very unpleasant. The author also describes 2 factors
that determine play: (1) You never want it to end, (2) it has no discernible

All of these makes me like omg I should start to do creative things again, so I started to write these to remind myself  “Please, please spare a little of your time everyday to do creative stuff or you will get dumb and you will no more know who you are Vi”.  Play plays a huge factor in my life=)), I realized that now, that explained a lot also because I’ve definitely felt myself over time become anxious and insecure without doing creative stuff. So the play could be hiking, camping, crafting, drawing, singing, singing, bla bla.

2. Books

Books, this topic again, but I couldn’t
stress this enough, read book more frequently, bitch. Sorry, but these are
the list that you should tackle on, Bunnie:

– The
power of Vulnerability – Just mentioned it above, bae.

– Books
of Haruki Murakami – My Ice Bear loved his novels, and it changed his
perspectives at some stage in his life, worth reading huh, so later I can
discuss with him about the book <3 Also I want to alternate between
different genres of books, easier for reading cuz sometimes after reading, it
makes me thinking so much I couldn’t sleep lol =)))

– Books
of Malcolm Gladwell, I’m reading a book of him rn,”Outliers”, just a third of
it, and I absolutely love it. After this book, I will read the tipping point. Omg
I just love psychology books so much =))


3. Reflective process ?  

I think I should talk more, or write more,
what is it? Reflective process? Men sounds so fcking serious =))) But I
realized through that, I feel much much more confident, don’t know why,
but I should experience more of that to explain that. But that somehow
explains back to the time why I love public speaking and go to English
club, it helps me to really speak out my thoughts, polish my words to make
it sound good, practice on the manner of my speaking, man no wonder why I felt
so energetic at those time.

Oh I just got a new tip for presentation in
front of many ppl, just say to yourself that it’s nothing, there’s nothing to
be scared, they wouldn’t really listen to you, bla bla, so basically degrade
what your are going to do, you’ll be fine bunny.


4. Languages

British accent, I realized I love it
because (1) it contains the culture of humor, in a smart way, not in a
lame way 🙂 (2) deep voice with British accent
sounds so elegant and attracting, omg I love it so much.

About languages, oh I’ve just take the
IELTS certificate, I left it at the BC for 6 months man =))) The feeling
at first I got the certificate was disappointed. But after a while, I told
myself that you fucking lazy gurl, got down to revise seriously for the test just 10
days before, and you got a 7.0, should be happy about it because if I want
a higher score, the intensive studying for the test should be counted in
months, not days =)) Okay now? Move on with it =)))

I’ve been studing Mandarin so well, through
listening, movies – man Ice Bear judged me a lot on watching “Huyen cua On Noan”=))
But I’ve studied a lot from it really. Anyways it was too long to reach the end
so I skip from ep 10 to 30 something and guess what, drama still goes on =))))
So bye, I’m gonna watch cute movies about student’s love =)))

5. Ice Bear my sweetie <3

ice bear

Ice Bear bought a lot of new stuff lately.
He also spoiled me with the Nintendo, but now I can control my temptation
w/ it, I’m good with it, don’t worry =)) Oh he bought me a new Kindle, it’s
white (looks elegant af), with a little cute sticker of Ice Bear reading
on the front, and ten ten tennn, it has a light for reading at night, omg
it was just perfect for me that I use it almost every night and morning =))
He bought a new Macbook for work, at first it looks so small and cute in
his hand =)), but turns out that it looks not that small when turning on
the screen, he’s so cute when figuring things out on it =)) :*

I just want to “cưng* him everyday men =))

Sometimes I wonder how could I be so lucky
that I met Ice Bear. I really appreciate his existence in my life and his
love and affection for me everyday. Really, he’s so good at checking and
coping with my emotions, I know it’s a hard thing for men, especially I’m
a hard case, I’m sensitive, emotional af, I know, but still he handles it
so damn well. I feel like he’s just like a puzzle for me, and only him can
match me perfectly.

I imagine he could really do anything if he
starts to learn about it. He’s not only smart, but practically smart. He’s mine ppl 🙂

I guess when you have someone around you for a
while, you will not realize how that person affects your life, but I can still
(I’m good at dis, feeling things you know). He brings me energy, a lot and love, a lot also. That helps me
grow my self awareness and love who I am more.

Sometimes I’m curious about who he used to be
like in the past, men I’m really curious about it =))

That’s it, I’m gonna update my life on dis
later. And for now, bye bye bye =)) :*



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