To save my thoughts.

Have you ever thought about the idea the social network is a perfect world for the introvert? I’m experiencing that right now.

Urg not facebook, somewhere more discreet. Instagram? Perfect. And it’s perfect for the person who loves visual stimulation like me. It was like that you don’t like to communicate with people, mainly because most of them love crowded places, but you prefered a quite, minimally stimulating environment. See? That’s the problem right there,not my fault! So social network is a perfect place to be you yourself lolz.

Okay so another problem is that recently I didn’t spend much time reading books, I felt kinda guilty ( shame on you, Vi, you little minx – wait, where the fuck I got that term from :v ). So, swear to god (even though I’m not Christian), I gonna spend more time on reading books.

Hey I’ve found a pretty awesome channel on Youtube – shots of awe. Basically, I was totally falling in love with it. Here’s the thing, for most of the time, you have feelings, right? But can you describe them by words? No bitch, not basic, simple word like anxious, happy, sad! I know just only sometimes that you are fucking deep that you can do that – describe your feelings just like a philosopher. But take a look at this channel, you will be taken on an expess train of exciting journey on finding who you are.

But first, find out about the guy who created this channel – Jason Silva:

And take a look at some videos from his channel:
– Love is a train
– We need to get lost to find ourself
– The estacy of curiousity
That’s it,byeee.

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